Ki Tavo: Blessings of the Soul

One of the major thrusts in Judaism is hakaras hatov, appreciation of the good which G-d constantly bestows upon us. And as with appreciation of our fellow man, the emphasis is on appreciating not only the material dimension of G-d’s kindness, but also the love and care which He showers on every person. In this … Continue reading Ki Tavo: Blessings of the Soul

Searching for Sparks

At one time there were tzaddikim who would look into the soul of a disciple, see the place where the G-dly sparks were awaiting this soul and tell the disciple to go to that place to liberate those sparks. All that has changed is the perception of the disciples. If you are where you are … Continue reading Searching for Sparks

Candle in Obsidian

From the moment that they were sundered apart, the earth has craved to reunite with heaven; physical with spiritual, body with soul, the life that breathes within us with the transcendental that lies beyond life, beyond being. And yet more so does the Infinite Light yearn to find itself within that world, that pulse of … Continue reading Candle in Obsidian