Reposted: Missiles Fired on Nuclear Reactor in Dimona

I’m reposting this news item from

Palestinian terrorists have fired missiles at the Nuclear Reactor in the Israeli city of Dimona.

The missiles fell in an open field and did not cause any injuries, nor did it hit the intended target.

The missiles were launched shortly after the IDF launched operation “Amud Anan” early on Wednesday, November 14th with the targeted assassination of the commander of Hamas’s “military” terror wing, Ahmed Jaabari.

“Amud Anan” was launched in response to the hundreds of rockets that the residents of Southern Israel have encountered in the past week.

Prime Minister Netanyahu held a press conference on Wednesday evening stating that Israel will not “come to terms” with the attacks on its citizens.

The alert level in Israel was raised to “gimel”

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, the safety of the nation of Israel, and all of the souls she nurtures and protects.

4 thoughts on “Reposted: Missiles Fired on Nuclear Reactor in Dimona”

  1. Thanks for the info, Judah (since I’m not particularly up on my Israeli geography). There are a lot of communities and human beings in range of those rockets. I pray that this doesn’t get any worse than it already is, but I don’t see how it will…at least in the short run. God be merciful.

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