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James Pyles is a published Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror author as well as the Technical Writer for a large, diversified business in the Northwest. He currently has over 30 short stories published in various anthologies and periodicals and has just sold his first novella. He won the 2021 Helicon Short Story Award for his science fiction tale "The Three Billion Year Love" which appears in the Tuscany Bay Press Planetary Anthology "Mars."

When They Come For Your Children

California Rep. Wendy Carrillo – found at

I used to use this blog primarily to discuss issues of faith and specifically the intersection between Gentile believers and Messianic Judaism. While I still retain a theology and doctrine based on those beliefs, I’ve distanced myself from any praxis that could be considered “Jewish.” I made this decision due to a seemingly endless bombardment of “Gentiles don’t belong in a Jewish space.” Yeah, but “buy our books and other products anyway.”

However, if you’ve been following my most recent blog posts, you’ll see I’ve been sucked into what is called “the culture wars.” I never wanted to confront these issues but it seems the world has become so crazy, that it’s not only anti-Christian and anti-Jew (I saw plenty of bigotry online against Christians and Jews during Easter and Passover, so much so that I had to block an anti-Semite on Facebook), but anti-family and dangerous to children. How can I ignore that?

This mainly addresses my commentary on how the transgender “industry” hurts kids, but also tangentially includes children’s books and the culture wars, as well as the real reason drag queens pretty much demand children watch their “shows”.

I came across the news item In California, Parents May Soon Effectively Lose Custody of Kids 12 and Older. The source is heavily biased “right,” so I sought to corroborate the data. I did.

California Legislative Information on California Assembly Bill 665 as well as AB 665’s Fast Tracking summary and The Legislative Counsel’s Digest for the bill tells the tale.

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On the Nashville Covenant School Shooting and the Transgender Day of Visibility

Hundreds of Nebraskans gather outside the Nebraska State Capitol in honor of “Trans Day of Visibility” on Friday, March 31, in Lincoln, Neb. Their efforts follow critical legislation that’s brought the Legislature to a crawl. (Zach Wendling/Nebraska Examiner)

By now I’m sure you have heard of the tragic shooting at the Covenant Christian School in Nashville, TN. Six people, three adults, and three children lost their lives at the hands of a 28-year-old shooter.

The shooter was subsequently killed by the police as the suspect fired on police units from a second story window in the school.

When it came to light that Audrey Hale, also known as Aiden Hale, identified as a trans male with he/him pronouns, a significant percentage of people around the nation reacted negatively and even in hostility toward the LGBTQ community.

Side Note: Most of the information publicly available on Hale refers to the suspect as female by “her” and “Audrey” which is why the statement above is worded ambiguously.

Here’s what we know about the shooter.

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The Real Reason Drag Queens Want Your Children in the Audience

Photograph: Courtesy Elisabeth Fuchsia

Okay, so no one will answer me. Look. As such, I’m not against drag shows as adult entertainment. Way, way back in the day, I went to Finocchio’s in San Francisco and had a great time (admittedly, that was long before I became a Christian).

However it was deffo adult entertainment and there wasn’t a child in sight.

I’ve been trying to find out why modern progressives are pushing so hard for children to HAVE to attend drag shows or drag reading hour at public libraries. Even if the content is totally child appropriate, why is it absolutely necessary for young children to be in the presence of men dressed up as women (and some of the “dressing up” is pretty bizarre)?

So on social media, whenever I find a pro-children at drag show post or tweet, I ask that question. So far, crickets.

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Children’s Books Are The New Weapons In The Culture Wars

The cover of Gender Queer and the author, Maia Kobabe. Photo by Tristan Crane

Warning! As you scroll down on this blog post, some highly offensive drawings are presented that many will find extremely distasteful. I included them to make a point about what is and isn’t acceptable in children’s literature in the 21st century. If you believe you will be offended and want to avoid that, do not read this article.

I’ve thought about writing this but initially decided not to. There are times when I can dig a little too deep into the controversial “culture wars” and figured I didn’t need the aggravation. However, this morning I read an article called
Roald Dahl books rewritten to remove language deemed offensive
. The sub-heading is:

Augustus Gloop now ‘enormous’ instead of ‘fat’, Mrs Twit no longer ‘ugly’ and Oompa Loompas are gender neutral


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Are (At Least Some) Gender Identity Advocates Preying on Children?

From the Quantum Leap episode “Let Them Play”

A few days ago, I wrote a review of the NBC TV show Quantum Leap‘s twelfth episode Let Them Play.

For those of you not familiar with this extension of the 1990s TV series, the premise is that a time traveler, in this case Ben Song (Raymond Lee) “leaps” into the lives and physical bodies of different people across time, presumably to put right what once went wrong. Once one mission is accomplished, Ben leaps into a different year and body and does the same thing all over again.

However, the latest incarnation of the show, being created in the 2020s, is also dedicated to “representation” of “marginalized groups.” One of the actors, Mason Alexander Park is gender fluid and trans and one of the primary writers and directors Shakina is a trans women. In my investigation of the show’s conception, it seems that before the first episode even aired, the intent was to make it a showcase of representation in general and trans representation in specific.

On this platform’s “sister blog” Powered by Robots, where I review various science fiction works as well as highlight my own fiction publications, I did my level best to review the episode in terms of any television show, while not (too much anyway) injecting very many of my personal attitudes and nothing relative to faith and God.

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Some Thoughts on Misquoting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. found at PBS.

According to activist and online pundit Ibram X Kendi, Dr. Martin Luther King would have supported all of the inclusive and representation initiatives including Critical Race Theory popular today.

From the Grio article 7 inconvenient truths white people must understand about Martin Luther King Jr, white people, including old school liberals and even conservatives, often misquote or only partially quote Dr. King, ignoring his full statement and context.

Yes, I’m saying this on Martin Luther King Day. Dr. King has been considered a “safe” black person of fame to quote for whites because it makes it seem as if there are no barriers or hurdles between whites and people of color, or at least none that Dr. King acknowledged. Apparently, that’s far from the truth.

From the above cited article:

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