Paul and Israel: This Year’s SBL Meeting Session

I rarely reblog what another blogger has written. It’s more typical for me to take source material and craft a commentary on my own blogspot. But in this case, I find what Dr. Hurtado has authored very much in keeping with the interests of those to regularly read what I craft here. Enjoy.

Larry Hurtado's Blog

In this year’s Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting I took part in a session focused on the question of whether Paul believed that fellow Jews should put faith in Jesus.  Three scholars gave three quite different views of the matter, and I was the designated respondent to their presentations.  The textual focus was obviously Paul’s epistle to the Romans, chapters 9-11.

John Marshall (University of Toronto) contended that Paul’s promotion of faith-in-Jesus was solely intended for non-Jews (“Gentiles”).  So he took Romans 10:9-13, where Paul urges confession of Jesus as “Lord” and faith that God has raised him from death, as having to do with Gentiles making these steps.  Noting that Romans seems to have Gentile Jesus-followers (“Christians”) as the addressees (or at least the primary/main addressees), Marshall contended that this should dispose us to read such passages as really about Gentile believers.  In Marshall’s view, Paul’s anxiety about…

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