Gratitude as a Prayer

“I am grateful to my Creator.”

People who have resolved to repeat this for five minutes a day for an entire month have found the tremendously positive impact that this exercise will have on all aspects of their life.

This is one of the most important messages you can tell yourself.

Living with this gratitude elevates you. You become a more spiritual person. You become a more joyful person. You become a kinder and more compassionate person. You become a calmer and more peaceful person. You become a person who lives in greater harmony with others.

Right this moment, imagine the joy you would feel if you were to feel an intense sense of gratitude to your Creator. Allow yourself to begin to feel some of this now.

In what ways might your envy of others be similar to this?

-Rabbi Zelig Pliskin

gratitudeI posted this to Facebook the other day by way of inspiration but then I got to thinking. Since I don’t have much of a liturgical prayer life and there’s always a question of how or if one should adapt the Jewish siddur for Gentile use, what if I could make one out of “neutral” elements adapted from Jewish practice.

It would seem that Rabbi Pliskin’s suggestion of expressing gratitude to the Almighty for a meager five minutes per day would be a good place to start. After all, the goal here is to draw closer to Hashem, not to simply go through a set of words and rituals by rote.

Stating what you’re grateful to Hashem for, regardless of what you happen to be going through in life at that point, reminds each of us (especially me) that no matter how difficult you have it, there are always reasons to express gratitude.

I launched this blogspot over six years ago with a brief commentary on the Modeh Ani or the morning blessing said by observant Jews the moment they awaken. It’s the only “Jewish” blessing I have continually recited over the years and I see no reason for a non-Jew not to be grateful for the gift of life and to thank Hashem for another day.

I suspect we all have our own personal “rituals” anyway, so why not make the most of them? We don’t have to be Jewish to be children of God and in fact, all of humanity was created in Hashem’s image.

Being human is something special and each one of us, Jew and Gentile alike, is precious in His sight. It is true that Israel holds an especially cherished place in Hashem’s “heart,” but that doesn’t make the rest of us chopped liver, so to speak.

Hashem didn’t have to offer redemption to the nations through the faithfulness of Rav Yeshua, but He did. In my own personal zeal to reverse the arrogance of the Church in believing only they possess the Keys to the Kingdom, and that only they have the power to offer them to Jews by first requiring Jewish people to renounce their covenant with Hashem and convert to ham-eating Christians, I tend to overcompensate in the opposite direction. Certainly there’s a middle ground.

Modeh AniI know this mirrors many other blog posts I’ve made here, but writing at “Morning Meditations” isn’t about presenting new revelations and insights so much as sharing what’s going on in my head and heart on any given day as I proceed on my walk with Hashem.

This morning for the first five minutes of my commute to work, I recalled what I was grateful to Hashem for. That’s not easy while driving, but then again, it’s not impossible, either. I hope that by day thirty, I’ll be a lot better at being grateful than I am today. Hopefully, this will become part of the practice of a lifetime.

22 thoughts on “Gratitude as a Prayer”

  1. This is a very good topic to bring up, as it is a habit hard to learn, and the sooner you begin, the better. Being thankful ‘out loud’ is something that I keep trying to add more into my life, although repetitive prayer was something Yeshua taught against. Consequently, I try to notice separate things. It is meant, in my life, to help me to offset all the negative, complaining things I want to refrain from staying, but do not know how to stop.

    I began to learn to do this by saying that I was grateful for things as I noticed them…hour by moment by occasion of noticing. It took time and practice, but eventually, it became a good Gentilish replacement for saying the b’rakhot that we do not know how to say as untutored Gentiles, even if we thought we should say a bracha.

    Not being commanded to do any particular thing by G-d as Gentiles means that all we can do is appreciate being here, being aware of G-d’s gifts, and to be vocally thankful to Abba for enabling us to receive us to receive them through Yeshua.

    It is not hard to simply look around the room, or to walk outside, and look at the sky to find something worth being thankful for. It is difficult to learn to do so.

  2. Peace be to all and a good health.
    Hello guys, don’t make us your enemy because we tell you the truth! Frankly speaking, its been ever since recorded in the Holy Bible especially in the NT Gospel that the last and the lone legal religion of God on earth was already accounted for established by Yeshua M.! And was called the Messianic Kingdom of Priesthood. And its Exclusivity and being an Everlasting Religion of God on earth to the Covenantal Israeli People which took end last 1993 of the 2000 years of Messianic Period! And it is also a fact, that there were some remaining alive of these Original Messianic up to date of the Parousia or the 2nd Advent of Christ in 1 Tes. 4:16-17.. And to this, we are reminding others, that they do not bother anymore because of just assumming of your religion that they have affiliated you or being joined, grafted you, converted you or even ecumenism them? For they are all only nonsense or no relation at all. Besides your religion do not know how Yeshua establihed his religion and where he established his religion on earth? And to this, thou can now check or analyze that what we have wrought were not of our own interpretation but it all comes from the already prepared Plan of God, that will be use as also guidelines as of those still Leftseeds (Israelites) which were now all already been Crossbreed with those gentiles of different nationalities in the concluding revelation letter of A. Paul in Rom. 9:1-33, 11:1-36, 1Cor. 15:1-57, 1Tes. 4:1-18 and to A. John in Rev. 7:1-18.. And these were all about the End Time Scenario that will all be save by the clouds! And there is no other established religion involved here.

    Now that thou have known of these Plan of God, maybe thou could analyze the waste of time thou all wasted in discussing of no important to your salvation! And what for to criticized a false religion? Why not just center your topics to a required NT Book and to the Eternal Gospel and so by doing it thou may be imparted in conformity to the Will Plan of God. And we are all oblige to know and to follow his Will Plan and not of our own will.
    May our living lord God Bless us all.

    LOVE : New Jerusalem – Holy City

  3. The moment “I am grateful” enters my mind, I am overwhelmed by His Presence and washed in tears.
    I’m not sure why though I’ve been through severe health issues throughout my life and learned through them how close He “sticks to us”.
    Thank you for this message.

  4. Being thankful is something I practice everyday. For every disappointment, I am thankful for a host of small miracles and blessings that I have already recd. happy to see this post, James.

  5. Peace be to all and a good health.
    Hello guys, now with the revealed and prepared Plan of God which the world do not know, that even the 2nd Advent of Christ was also written in detailed Plan by A. Paul in 1Tes. 4:10-18.. and in verse 16, the mentioned dead in Christ people that will rise first and be caught by the cloud, which were formerly term by A. Paul as those Leftseeds for being unqualified to the Messianic Covenant and were now all crossbreed to the gentiles of different nationalities. And these class group of people that were prophesies to rise first or first returnees to respond or first to submit to this Last Call of God. And by their full compliance to the Will Plan of God thru reading and knowing all the requirements and putting it into their lives the Right Faith Observance, for they can qualify to be caught by the clouds. And since thou now know that we are in the Parousia Period, the Holy Spirit or the Clouds were really very busy in observing the people of the world on who among them can qualify to be caught by the clouds as their salvation. And this is simulteneous unto the end time as Plan of God.

    Now, in 1Tes. 4:17,  the mentioned first class group of Messianic people that was still remaining alive that will be also caught by the clouds for their being the Last Lone Legal Religion of God on Earth that were promise preserve unto the end by God. And with all this fact, thou can prove that there is no affiliation, nor conversion, nor ecumenism were tolerated in this True Religion of God. Its because of the very strict order instituted to the impose faith that there is no mediator between God and men except Yeshua M. of the NT gospel book. But the problem, the world did not really know who really is Yeshua M. that they will believe? Which is also required in this Parousia Period. 

    So, these were all the Two Class Group of people only to be Caught by the Clouds in this Plan of God, to be brought to heaven and meet the Lord there, for the Lord will not step down on Earth! And while on the Earth scenario, the burning of the people as an applied prophesies great tribulation to the sinners of this world, that will last for five months like in Noah’s time. (Note: and this is the triggering moment of the burning scenario, which was already forewarn in Lc. 17:24-30. And they can now also heard the call of the Nuclear War. And all the given sign can now be observe anywhere in the world.

    Now, with all this very well prepared Plan of God wrotes by the evangelist and even the apostles, which some of them were Call Out Prophet of God and A. Paul is one of them. And thou could correct the many corrupted words made in the many letters of A. Paul and others, if thou know the whole truth of the New Covenant Plan of God. And while there still a short time left, for other returnees to make a meritorious compliance which were applied in the Messianic Period but it is also applicable in the Parousia Period, read it in Lc. 18:26-30, especially in verse 29-30.. So, search more on good advices on other gospel book, like in Jn. 5:20-30. And in verse 25, the dead in Christ that heard the voice of the Son of Man could live or be save. And this is the reason why the gentiles cannot understand the truth of the Plan of God, its because they have already two condemnation in the gospel in Mt. 25:31-41 & Mc. 4:11..

    And remember this prohibition in Jn. 9:4, night cometh when no men can works-which means, when this Night Covenant or the 2nd Advent cometh, nobody could not help others welfare faith or every one are oblige to work out personally their own salvation and we are all at this Period of Parousia. Goodluck, may our livibg lord God Bless us all.

    LOVE : New Jerusalem – Holy City

  6. I found the original underwhelming. And I would say it was fine for it to be lacking, because the idea of replicants or invented “human” robots is ridiculous in terms of reality (if we are aware of a true soul and the life of a spirit). An additional thought is that it has been pointed out, most people didn’t realize when the movie was new (at least in a way they would openly assert or find affirmed if they did) that there was a rape scene in it.

    Of course, these two observations are a bit at odds with each other. It’s sort of like when we have fables that show lessons and morals with animals as the characters. But humans are still going to kill animals and eat them and use their hides for leather and so forth, even kill some only for their fur. It sounds really gruesome to put it that way. But the point is we can make some observations while not going so far as to claim more.

  7. P.S. Cruelty (including some ordinary or accepted behavior) toward animals is worse than, for instance, taking apart a computer — in case that isn’t obvious (which obviousness I know isn’t so clear to everyone). I’ve even seen someone who is habitually emotional cruel on a human level get offended when someone off-handedly said something about a “stupid” computer — like seriously, personally worked up in response. I think the fetish over machines being like people is an outgrowth of an increasingly narcissistic culture.

  8. “An additional thought is that it has been pointed out, most people didn’t realize when the movie was new (at least in a way they would openly assert or find affirmed if they did) that there was a rape scene in it.”

    Religious people and feminists alike – in my opinion – make bad art critics; both tend to moralize situations and disqualify good output. Not all, but most. They see the world in terms of protocol breaches, “You didn’t stand for my pledge!” or “You didn’t address me by my desired pronoun!” I remember my lit professor would have to explain to Bible-belters whenever they watched an R-rated film that he’s not asking them to moralize the situations in the film, but examine it for its texture, complexity, characters, and so forth.

    Moses executed women and children, for instance, leaving the virgins for his troops. So should a sniveling postmodern mark up the Torah and disqualify its timelessness? I still don’t think so. Then there is David murdering a man and taking his wife. Guess we gotta jettison the Ketuvim now too. Oh, Shakespeare depicted the Rape of Lucrece. So I guess that has to go too. And so forth.

    A feminist critic lambasted the Blade Runner franchise for just that dubious rape episode. The critic huffed that she hoped that by the year 2049 rape would be a thing of the past. She overlooked that the novel and the movies are set in a dystopia.

    Rough scenes are a bad reason to dismiss any work. Morals are a part of any critique, but certainly not the final word. Unless you’re a fundamentalist imam or something.

    “I think the fetish over machines being like people is an outgrowth of an increasingly narcissistic culture.”

    It’s a question they ask time and time again at Chabad. You should check it out. Furthermore, Oxford philosopher of religion Richard Swinburne and Physicist and Anglican priest John Polkinghorne also grapple with these questions.

    The rough scene in question between Deckard and Rachel forces you to ask why you would even be upset that a machine be abused. I mean, if the notion of a machine having a soul is as preposterous as you say, why would you even care that it was raped? That was the wryness of the scene; it tricked you into acknowledging Rachael’s humanity by getting worked up about rape.

  9. Actually, people “get worked up about rape” because there is a real human actress in the scene; real humans with empathy react to human experience. And I think it is relevant that many people, when the original was new, did not see that scene as at all related to rape (some still don’t). That is a concern with movies (and books) of that sort. It’s a concern; not a disqualifier. I have seen the new movie, and I liked it (some parts less than other parts just because they were less interesting or less effective). Often, I feel that the dysfunction is obvious. But there are people who miss the dysfunction generally, or, worse, get precisely the wrong message(s) (imam, Chabadnic, philosopher, physicist, or anyone else). Like I said, I think it’s fine that the original was less than satisfying.

    Incidentally, you might check out “Humans” as it is said in it (by the robots, so some people who don’t identify with the normal people can maybe identify with the sentiment) that the men do to the machines what they want to do to the women/girls. So, what is going on with their (the men’s) souls then?

    It can be said that what women want can’t be imposed by having brute strength or money or technological power. So then what women want doesn’t matter. Does it now? (I realize that’s a generalization… of both men and women. I’m going off of what these shows offer and general experience. Don’t blame me.*)

    * Also know, the person who most tried to get across to me the perception of the rape scene is male (cis, for those keeping score), not steeped in feminism, and well-adjusted (that is, in terms of credibility, to those who can accept an atheist as adjusted).

    You might also want to find the lesbian relationship in “Mindhunters” for an example of narcissism and emotional abuse. (Emotional abuse can be intellectual, spiritual, etc…. is not just about emoting.) [I would not recommend the full show to most people.]

  10. Peace be to all and a good health.
    Hello guys, to know or don’t want to know this already prepared Plan of God, this Plan will go on as it was projected by God unto the end! And this is also like to the impose order of God to hear his beloved Son! Which the world did not realize, that to hear and to believe or not heard and not to believe his already automatic applied judgment to all by God. And this was always reminded by Yeshua Messiah to his countrymen and to all, read Jn. 3:18 “he that believeth it on him is not condemned but he that believeth not is condemned already.” And to this, the Apostles also impose this order that there is no mediator between God and men except only Yeshua M.! But inspite of those forewarn prohibition many establishes religion, without knowing what they did was for their own condemnation! While other religion even directly transgress the first Commandment of God, when most of them are theoligians?

    Now, the problem in this concluding revelation on the Parousia Event Period which wrote by A. Paul and even A. John on his version, which make the readers become doubt and confuse to their truth. Its because they did not only knew the whole New Covenant Plan of God or they could not check or could not decode the authentic source of what this written Parousia Event Revelation came from or it was just exposed it by A. Paul’s interpretation. And this is because they did not also really know the spiritual life of A. Paul! But frankly speaking, many viewer of the blog, only uses those awkward manuscript books of many different old religion in decoding it. Which Yeshua M. have already advised all the readers that whoever seek for the truth of the gospel book is written in Mt. 9:16-17. And A. Paul adapted this advised of Yeshua M., because his writings can be connected or quoted from the true transfiguration revelation of Yeshua M. to his disciples, as an example to prove to them the Power of the Kingdom of God religion as promise to them were true! So the transfiguration is just a temporary condition or an instant temporary change of his literal mortal appearance and nature into the temporary spiritual immortal glorious level condition as likely the heavenly being, read Mt.17:1-7, Mc. 9:1-10, Lc. 9:28-36.. and also from here (note: they were ordered to keep it in secret), thou could also see or imagine the power action of the clouds that could really caught those to be Chosen Save at the end time! But they were all already in their resurrected form or in permanent glorified immortal spiritual form, which they also seen by his disciples when he resurrected from the grave! Then the clouds will caught and brought them, together with those resurrected original Messianic to enter in heaven and to meet the Lord there! While those wicked people left on earth were like a living dead or zombie, being burn by the intense heat of the Nuclear and Solar Radiation. Now, was A. Paul just only wrote his concluding revelation at his own interpretation without connection to the guidance of the Holy Spirit of Yeshua M.?

    And read Lc. 17:26-38, analyze it carefully, from here thou could still learn how God is still giving prohibition’s guidelines for what we all must do and even unto our last breathe is being observe by God, if our faith to him is really true unto our death! See how complete the Plan of God have been prepared, so they could avoid their condemnation to the eternal fire. May our living lord God Bless us all.

    LOVE: New Jerusalem – Holy City

  11. Peace be to all and a good health.
    Hello guys, now that thou have a little knowledge of truth of A. Paul concluding revelation on the Parousia or the 2nd Advent of Christ. Which may be thou could not still catch up to what he meant to his revelation because of not only knowing the Whole New Covenant Plan of God. Anyhow, there is a similar topic which A. John wrote in a very much more detail and more clarification on this Whole New Covenant Plan of God, that will work out alone by Yeshua Messiah, which A. John wrote in Jn. 5:20-31.. So lets begin in verses 20-23, just analyze this introductory elaboration of his authority to judge given by the Father. In verse 24, analyze this also and remember that this order judgment will be applied throughout the Whole New Covenant Plan of God unto the end time. And in verse 25, the mentioned of the Hour is Coming, denote the time in his Covenant Glory is at hand, when the dead, which he refer to his all sinner covenantal countrymen (with major or minor sins) that will hear the voice of the Son of Man (and A. Paul is the example) and shall live or save (note: this proof that this 1st Advent of the Messiah was to save his sinners countrymen, Mt. 15:24, which took place for Two Days in God Count and took end last 1993). In verse 26-27, just read it literally (as if it is the transition to the Covenant Plan which is conceal), an addition to your understanding. In verse 28, the mention the Hour is Coming here, is about Yeshua M. Prophetical prohesy on the future event to come, its about “the Hour Judgment of God,” refering to the Parousia or the 2nd Advent. And the prepared procedure format Plan is not like anymore to save the dead or sinner as in the Mesianic Period. But it is prepared to save those people believer in their “graves,” (and the grave is an analogical term of Christ to all already condemn church religions, because the believers that enter to it were all dead in faith). So, Yeshua M. knows ever since that all religions were false, that can also decieve his leftseed countrymen, which now were all crossbreed to many different gentile nationalities, but can still avail to this Last Call of God in this Parousia or the 2nd Advent Period, with the condition will hear his voice. And in verse 29, analyze this also and shall come forth or those that come out (of their religion) and have done good, will have ressurrection of life; and they that have done evil will be to the ressurrection of damnation. And in verses 30-31, read it literally. And this revelation of Yeshua M. to A. John was also simplified and justified by A. Paul in Heb. 9:28, that Christ was once offer to bear the sins of many (Covenantal Israeli) and unto them that look for him, shall he appear the 2nd time to those without sin unto salvation. And from here, thou can also prove that A. Paul knows the Whole New Covenant Plan of God, which thou could see the very clear change of the format in the Plan of God, which the world do not really know what they will do to comply to the Will of God. So, this is now the over all procedure plan in this Parousia Period that can qualify for their ressurrection or salvation that can be caught by the clouds. Our reminder is to always read your H. Bible espcially the Eternal Gospel and avoid making sin. May our living lord God Bless us all.

    LOVE: New Jerusalem – Holy City

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