The Myth Of The Myth Of Religion: A Fisking

I tend not to engage atheists when they want me to give them a logical argument for why the God of the Bible exists, because, in most cases, it’s a ploy to discredit people of faith. However, I found Huggins’ discussion worth sharing, so here it is.

G. Scott Huggins

There are many good and intelligent atheists, among whom I count many friends. Some have attacked my religion with skillful arguments. This is not one of them. Rules for the fisking: Just to switch it up (and because I forgot my own conventions) the fisked article is in bold, and my responses are in italics.

There are at least 4,200 religions in the world today, and countless more have been lost to history.

Yeah, especially since to get that count you have to count every single different denomination of, e.g. Christianity as a “different religion,” even though the vast majority of their adherents would consider the vast majority of them to be variants of the same religion. I’m going to guess that’s true for a lot of the non-Christian religions as well, because you’ve already demonstrated that neither intellectual rigor nor honesty are features of your position. Most…

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2 thoughts on “The Myth Of The Myth Of Religion: A Fisking”

  1. Interesting discussion or “fisking”. Huggins was being rather a bit too facetious for my taste, and missed some opportunities that would arise out of a similar response from a Jewish perspective rather than a Christian one. He was also constrained by a narrow view of religion as a system of intellectual beliefs, neglecting those which are deliberately irrational and mystical as well as those which represent a commonality of cultural praxis but varied beliefs. For some of these “4200 religions”, the strawman notion under discussion of a “one true religion” is not applicable or meaningful.

  2. Peace be to all and a good health.
    Hello guys, what thou have said that there is really only one true religion on earth, and that is the established Everlasting Religion of Yeshua Messiah which the world gentile could not join or affiliated by any means of ecumenism or other else reason. But in spite of all this facts, which we have already written in this blog. And the world could not still understand it. And what their pastor, priest and minister of their affialiated religion but were only decieving them by even using the name of God in their preaching, when they have no legal spiritual connection to the Covenants Plan of God. And even if check thier faith knowledge, none of those religions have never recieved the required complete baptism of the Holy Spirit of Yeshua M.! And so with what Yeshua M. have order them to eat his flesh? And what they have eaten were only other dogmas! And the biggest mistake they have done in the gospel of God, when they also taught it as a true to life story of the death and ressurection of Yeshua Messiah. And give them glorious honor observance in worshipping it, which is very idolutrous to God’s Law. When there is an Spiritual Truth taught and explain by A. Paul in the death and ressurection of Christ in Rom. 5:, 6:1-23 and 1Cor. 15: 1-50 (read them). And in 1Cor. 15:3, how that Christ died for our sin (or Christ died to what we have sinned and to become dead in faith). And on verse 4, that he was buried and rose again the 3rd day, accodding to the scripture (which means that Christ died and buried in within the body of the chosen covenantal sinner as his grave). And rose again on the 3rd day (there is a higher revelation here, but we will stick in the topic that this is a God given order period to the Holy Spirit to work out completely in full transformation of a chosen sinner into a new creation or a holy one or it is a Christ period to rise in the life of a chosen sinner in three years period). And now, the victor is committed to the covenant of God. But if this grace period passes without any effect to change from former bad life is now condemn judged. And to this, A. Paul criticized those Galatian believers as condemned by honoring the crucified christ in Gal. 3:1-5.. Which they cannot merit spiritual indulgence but only accursedness. And we will stop from here for the rest of the chapter only explain in similar higher format.
    So, there is no idolatry in honoring the death and ressurection of Christ in the Parable Fictionize story of the gospel.

    LOVE : New Jerusalem – Holy City

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