On Not Counting the Omer

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I keep forgetting about Shavuot. I haven’t been counting the Omer, although in the past, I’ve made a case for non-Jewish Christians doing so.

My lack of “observance” isn’t Messianic Judaism’s fault, it’s mine.

Some time ago, someone in the MJ movement reached out to me privately asking for my participation in something. I asked a few follow-up questions, but as time passed, I never responded.

This pretty much says that if I feel any form of disconnection with my chosen religious framework, it’s because of me.

I suppose I could say “once burned, twice shy,” but that’s not true either. I’m an adult, so I don’t have to let a few bad experiences color my judgment. I’ve had a lot of other good experiences.

Truth be told, I don’t live the sort of life that lends itself to “Messianic community.”

Well, that’s only sort of true. The real truth is that I’ve reached an equilibrium point; a place of balance.

Even more to the point, I wonder how much I have left to say on the topic?

Once upon a time, I believe some people considered me to be the “Messianic Gentile” who asked the questions most other MGs were only thinking. However, maybe there are just so many of those questions lying around, and now all that’s left is to rehash and rehash the same themes, just like how Hollywood keeps remaking the same old tired TV shows and movies.

I know there is a Messianic future where all disciples of Rav Yeshua will be engaged and we will have a direction in which to follow. Then, like now, we will have a choice to make as to how involved we want to be.

Most people, without a lot of discipline and motivation, tend to settle for “lukewarm.” The Bible doesn’t say very good things about being lukewarm.

I can read the Bible and study various tomes, but that doesn’t make me an expert on anything except being me. I have no astute or elegantly intelligent opinions to offer. I occasionally find the insights of certain scholars to be enlightening, but you can read them for yourselves. You don’t need me.

Blogging, and especially religious blogging, is about community. If no one reads your stuff, you are alone. People have read my stuff here, which has been pretty terrific for the most part. However, in my opinion, the most interesting articles I’ve authored have been about community (or the lack thereof), because in the end, we may need God the most, but we need each other, too. That’s why worship is corporate and not just one guy or one gal sitting alone in a room with a Bible.

I’ve noticed a severe drop off in participation from both supporters and detractors over the long months. Part of that is because I had to restrict some people from making comments due to the level of hostility that was being expressed.

However, I think also it may be because a lot of others like me are reaching the same “tipping point” relative to their involvement in “the movement.” After crossing a particular threshold, there’s just nowhere else to go, especially if you are “unevenly yoked” like I am.

It’s sometimes said that “love is a verb.” You don’t really love unless you act upon it and “do unto others.” Faith is a verb, too. It’s not something you sit around cherishing in the abstract. If you want to have a relationship with God, you have to “do” the relationship. Otherwise it dies, or worse, it continues to exist, but gets stale, like that carton of milk in the back of your fridge you’ve been ignoring.

In the end, whether it’s you or me or somebody else, if you want to be more than lukewarm, you either have to turn the heat up or off.

I suppose that’s why a lot of we MGs have historically been upset that we don’t have a ritual system as do observant Jews. Ritual and tradition are things that we do, not just contemplate.

Unlike observant Jews, Gentiles have to get up off of their rear ends and “do” something. We have no ritual unless it’s a personal one, which is fine and dandy.

When I want to stop being lukewarm, I may not end up counting the Omer or building my small, family sukkah, but I will have to do something. The same goes for the rest of humanity. God did what He was and is going to do. The rest is up to us, at least until Messiah returns.


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  1. Counting the Omer is, as most things Jewish, a family affair. Being Messianic, but being without family sort of stops much observance, except for the simplest observance of the Shabbatot and the Moedim and the Shema. There is no community to even help you keep track of what is when. And yet, it is written in Isaiah that we of the Nations are to cling to the covenant, which although not named is the Mosaic Covenant…the same one that will be written one day on our hearts. I wish I knew what that clinging meant, so i could know if I were holding on tightly enough.

    I have never counted the Omer, but Shavuot, on the other hand, is a Shabbat, so I keep it.

    In ages past, who were the ones actually doing the counting? The Priests or a local Rabbi? How was it done…was there ceremonial parade around the Synagogue shouting out the counting down? Song and dance, or just crossing off the day on a makeshift calendar?

    And what is done now, in any Jewish household?

    I fear that our lack of knowledge of the simplest details of the Mosaic Covenant gets in our way.

  2. It occurs to me that I’ve not read any comment from you about Rabbi Stuart Dauerman’s “Interfaithfulness” blog or org. Its purpose seems to be an outreach to intermarried couples and families. It might not be of any help to you, since you are familiar already with the relevant issues. But who can say?

  3. I like what you say: “Faith is a verb”. Faith needs to be lived, and experienced, and shared. Sometimes, it’s not in the huge “world” catching ways, but in the small whispers that faith is most seen, felt, and heard. Faith is a living creature in and of itself. It’s also a bit like a radio wavelength that broadens and shortens over the span of time, but is always there… like the radio hum of the universe. Sometimes we need to live with the hum for a little while before we figure out which wavelength is going to get the best propagation… and that’s not necessarily a bad thing either. 🙂 In the end, though I’ve snitted a few times, I have enjoyed the conversation immensely… often forcing me to take a serious look at my own faith, it’s formation, and how it lives day to day. 🙂

  4. @Q: I know we have somewhat different perspectives on how (or if) any portion of the Mosaic covenant can be applied to the Gentile disciple of Yeshua, and I am aware that that are specific applications of Shavuoat to us if we factor in the Acts 2 event, but at this point, there is no single authority that’s available to clarify these matters, so “your mileage may vary,” seems to be the course of action to take.

    @PL: I see more of Rabbi Dauermann’s “Interfaithfulness” on Facebook than in my blog notifications (yes, I follow him), but as you have suggested, “it takes two to tango,” and with “the missus” not being particularly observant, but at the same time being pretty sensitive to my being a “Christian,” it’s a tender subject to broach. I don’t know if there is a viable solution this side of the Messiah besides me keeping my own council. Fortunately, she has zero interests in my blogging.

    @Jelli: Thanks for that. Historically, one of the things people have liked about this blog is that the questions I ask do result in some folks taking a good look at their own faith and religious expression.

  5. Hi James,
    Lately, when reading your posts, I keep going back to the Episcopal church’s Book of Common Prayer. I believe it’s God’s nudge to get me back on an organized spiritual path.
    Since October, when I started working 3 jobs (1 fulltime + and 2 part time), I’ve done nothing but eat, nap, and work. I praise God for the work and income, yet miss community – whether online or in person. Above all, I miss my Abba and our time together.
    Shabbat is spent resting – mostly just sitting on the couch trying to recover. My prayer had been a plea for sanity and organization, and in the odd moments that I am able to catch a glimpse of your post, I am always reminded of the BCP.
    So I wanted to thank you for posting, and being used by God to provide the answer I need. While the BCP is not perfect for those of us Hebraically aware, it is a good starting place for morning, afternoon, and evening prayer as well as compline.

    1. Wow. You’re working a lot.

      Yes, ultimately for we “Messianically-aware Gentiles,” we have to often construct our own praxis since it is not as clearly defined as traditional Jewish praxis. For some, this is a crisis but for others, an opportunity. Somewhere in the middle is where we meet God.

  6. I stopped counting the Omer too mainly because I wasn’t feeling accepted in MJ.

    I went back to two MJ congregations after someone’s hard prayers and neither of them worked out and he didn’t even talk to me at the one he invited me to, didn’t even say “hi”. So I guess you aren’t accepted unless you are totally “in”. So I was told I can come back to another congregation that meets on Sabbath if I found those didn’t work so maybe that is really my family. They count the Omer there so maybe I can get back to it there.

    You are probably smart to be staying away right now.

  7. This morning I woke thinking about the 24 elders in Revelation. There are several theories on who they represent, but it kicked off a chain of thoughts that led to the 12 tribes and the 12 apostles. Yeshua did give them authority while not removing the authority of the Sanhedrin. He obviously knew the coming schism between His people and the Gentiles, so I wonder if what eventually came to us in the form of Catholicism (without the corruption and anti-Semitism) is the way He called us to worship?

    I cannot stress enough – “without the the corruption and anti-Semitism”.

    It’s been years since I read or owned a Catholic missal, and before joining the Episcopal church, I studied the differences and similarities between Catholicism and Anglicanism. For me, Anglicanism more biblically based – at least before 1988 when I joined.

    When I compare the Siddur to the 1977 Book of Common Prayer, I can’t help but see all the similarities and wonder if this truly is what us Gentiles were given to worship the Creator of the Universe alongside Israel, especially since both Catholics and Anglicans can trace their roots to the very Jewish Apostles.

  8. @JHarris: I believe (but I could be wrong) that the prayers for counting the Omer are supposed to be recited corporately, but I see no reason for you not to be able to say them privately if that’s your desire. Of you feel driven to a certain level of observance, MJ congregations acceptance or rejection of you doesn’t have to mean you can’t still draw close to God by whatever means you desire.

    As far as my staying away from MJ congregations, the reasons are many and complicated, and I can’t lay all of that at the feet of such groups and individuals. In the end, our relationship with God is our responsibility, not anyone else’s.

    @Ro Pinto: I know some people are going to push back against what I’m about to write, but for we Gentiles, there may be more than one correct method of praxis. In the absence of a definitive guide, what choice do we have. We can either accept the worship standards of a local congregation, or create a personal praxis.

    We “Messianic Gentiles” (and probably more than a few Messianic Jews) can be a disenfranchised lot. I know that FFOZ is currently hosting their annual Shavuot Conference, and no doubt I know more than a few people who are attending this year. For some, that is their “spiritual home” as a Gentile who is “Hebraically aware,” but it’s not for everyone.

    As I said to JHarris above, no one group, congregation, or organization can define us all. Messianic Jews who choose to accept upon themselves an Orthodox Jewish praxis have a highly specific guide, but the rest of us do not. Yet, I believe God accepts us as well. Otherwise, why did Rav Yeshua commission Rav Shaul as the emissary to the Gentiles?

  9. @James: The leader at the congregation I attend the most has counted the Omer during Shabbat but I don’t think the congregation recited it too (or else I missed the opportunity to do so) so I am not sure if it qualifies as me counting the Omer with them, probably not. At least I heard it being counted at a congregation this year.

    Praying for you and your wife that you will come together spiritually somehow. If you don’t want prayers just let me know. I have had so many prayers prayed on me that I didn’t know what to do with (but I felt I spent a lot of time trying) I sometimes wonder when it’s okay for me to pray for people too, and how often I should.

    1. I don’t believe there’s a direct commandment for non-Jews to count the Omer, though I don’t see a reason why it should be forbidden, since Shavuot commemorates both the giving of the Torah at Sinai and the giving of the Holy Spirit as we see in Acts 2.

  10. Peace be to all and a good health.
    Hello guys, we would like to remind everybody that we are only giving an information to the truth of the New Covenant Plan of God, especially to this Parousia Period but we think and still observed that this Plan of God is still unknown to the many world major religion and even today’s covenantal leftseeds. That this Plan of God is the same New Testament Gospel of Yeshua M. which is the only way, the truth and the life for one’s salvation and no to other else (but this was first applied to the covenantal Israelites, making Yeshua M. to established this Lone Religion of God on earth, Exclusively Covenanted to the covenantal Israelites unto the End Times, 1Tes. 4:16-17..). So the gentiles or converted gentiles have no connection or relation to all sacrificial offering rituals. That reveals to the truth that all religions was false! And we are all now in this Parousia Period or 2nd Advent of Christ ever since last 1994. And Yeshua M. will only meet those that were already a holy one, Heb. 9:28, and 2Pet. 3:13-14..

    But the problem, we could still observed in this blog the eagerness of some in insisting their observance to sacrificial offering ritual that could merited them of cleaning their sins with a support quotation from Old Covenant and even to New Covenant but in their misunderstanding interpretation only. When the truth of this knowledge, these sacrificial offering ritual were already been changed in their format of observances ever since the time of Yeshua M. Covenant, when he told in Mt. 12:1-8, that God only want in this place or period is Mercy and not of sacrificial offering. And to A. Paul version in Heb. 10:1-39 that almost all the sacrificial offering rituals were non sense to God, verse 26.. To the fact, that God only want Mercy and not off any sacrificial offering which could not clean one’s sin but in Christ Blood it could cleans our sins. And on verse 38, there is a fore warn to those that will “drawback,” they will be accurse for their perdition! So why can not anyone still understand how to update their faith believe from Old to New Covenant Plan of God? And God will not waste his time to prepare this Plan which is for our own sake that can really guide us to our own salvation and to escape from the punishment of eternal fire.
    May our living lord God Bless us all.

    LOVE : New Jerusalem – Holy Spirit

  11. Shauvuot…such a simple meeting with G-d…keep the Shabbat by resting, read the ten commandments, have some cheesecake…odd, I see no sacrifice there, only enjoyment of the day, the gift of Torah and the Ruach ha Kodesh, and eating cheesecake…unless you don’t like cheesecake, in which case I am sure Ice Cream would do as well.

      1. And a good thing too…I’m forced to be on a keto diet, and cheesecake is at every meal…sugar free, but it takes like cheesecake, and I even got good at baking it!

  12. James. Mark Santos said: …. So the gentiles or converted gentiles have no connection or relation to all sacrificial offering rituals. That reveals to the truth that all religions was false! And we are all now in this Parousia Period or 2nd Advent of Christ ever since last 1994. ….

    ….. And on verse 38, there is a fore warn to those that will “drawback,” they will be accurse for their perdition! ……

    He’s not leaving Jews (of our current time) out of that curse for recognizing holy days.

    And he also said: … Hello guys, we would like to remind everybody that we are only giving an information to the truth ….

    I will state for newcomers, as well as remind those who have seen Mark’s posts for quite a while now, that his “we” is whatever bunch he considers himself a part of (a “spiritual” Israel of his approval); it excludes people here. You might agree or disagree with him, but that’s what he’s about. Questor, I would think, was for example responding to the throwing of “eternal fire” [as opposed to shade which is milder and that I suppose you were concerned about in one of your blog topics, the one about going too far].

    Q responded in a light-hearted way to a heavy topic.

  13. I’ve made the cottage cheese pie tradition from one of my grandmothers several times for Shavuot. I adapted a more American crust in later years [although I like making the English style crust too but for other things] — graham cracker goes well. I oughta find that whole recipe; haven’t used it since the last time I moved. I also cut down on the original amount of sugar, plus sometimes used honey instead.

  14. Peace be to all and a good health.
    Hello guys, thou already know that once a Covenant was ratified, it could not be altered or be changed anymore! And thou all also know that what we are discussing were about the Laws (10 Commandments) and those sacrificial offering ritual ordinances were all also been ratified to those Israelites that came out from their Egyptian bondage unto their legal last religion of Judaism of O.T.! And when this prophesies New Covenant Plan of God was fulfilled in the 1st Century until its set date of 2 Days in God count or 2000yrs in the Israelites calendar or year 1993 in our Gregorian calendar conversion. This New Covenant Plan on its first Messianic Covenant Division Period as the so called Days of the Lord Judgment or the Last Days was still an Exclusive Covenant to the covenantal Israelites, for its very clear in Mt. 25:31-41that upon sitting of Yeshua M. in his throne glory, he have executed the condemnation judgment to all the gentile nations ever since 1st Century! So from all this fact, where would you put your gentile or your gentile convert in connection or relation to these whole two already obsolete covenant of God salvation (from O.T. Covenant to Messianic Covenant of Yeshua M. which already took end since last 1993). As an information, A. Paul have already a written answer to your question about the fate of those gentiles, read Rom. 2:10-16, especially in this verse 16-when the days of judgment of God, the secret of men (covenantal Israeli and gentiles) by Yeshua and my gospel. Just read Mt. 12:1-8, its Yeshua’s version of judgment and to A. Paul version read Heb. 10:1-39.. Which we have already wrote in this blog! And if thou want a concluding fact read Rev. 14:1-5 and only the 144,000 chosen Israeli have believe and followed the original format of faith taught by Yeshua M. and non of any gentiles were among them.

    And to add more of the gentile of not knowing the spiritual faith believe to Yeshua M., if you will ask them, who really is Yeshua M.? (or Jesus Christ to others) when some will answer it as a man while other answer it as God but they could not explain it fully. And if ask who gave birth to Yeshua M.? Almost all will answer mary, without any thinking of analyzing whether the question is looking for spiritual answer or in literal answer. And to this cause, the literal answer was misunderstood also as an spiritual answer in their believe that it came from the gospel. But to us, the correct spiritual answer is this: Yeshua M. being the Word of God, its being born by the prophet. And this is when the prophet proclaims the Given Word of God Messages that come out from his mouth, and to this Yeshua. M. (or the Word) was born by a prophet and was so called the Son of Man or the Son of God!! So, there is no idolatry. So if ask again, if they recieve the baptism of the Holy Spirit and they will answer quickly as Yes but if ask again into what name of the Father they have been baptize? they could not answer. So what can you call this kind of faith to Yeshua M.? And if will check on the heavy crosses requirements taught and carried by Yeshua M., like to come out from their religion, if they love their families more than me they cannot be my disciple, if they like richness they cannot be my disciple, and we are ask to rest from our work if heard his voice so they can enter to his Eternal Rest Heb. 3: & Heb. 4: and many others. And we have already written in this blog about the fate of all gentiles that were now all crossbreed with those leftseeds Israeli and those gentiles that observe and love God’s righteousness could avail to this Last Call of God Promise Salvation, with a condition to believe Yeshua died and rose again 1Tes. 4:14.. But what thou were doing is only wasting of time and effort in discussing an ackward knowledge that could not help to your salvation! When God salvation is a very high wisdom to acquire this faith salvation of God.
    May our living lord God Bless us all.

    LOVE : New Jerusalem – Holy City

  15. @Mark: Just wondering what the “Lone Religion of God on earth” is called so I can go out there and find it. I thought it was Nazarene Judaism for awhile but I am not totally sure at this point. The Jew/Gentile situation is secondary to me, I just need to first make sure poor and low income people don’t get left out. For instance, once you give tithe I don’t want to see anybody have to pay more to be included with learning and fellowship.

    It sounds like you are condemning me and others because we can’t find a congregation that works for us but I thought Yeshua’s way is to bless people. So something like “that’s great that you are trying to find a congregation” or “it’s great that you’re trying to reach out to people” helps me and maybe other people like me out there. Not saying that is what you were doing but just wanted to let you know that’s how it came across to me. You have no idea how much money I have put into driving to faraway congregations and I know it was my fault wasting so much money for trying to be accommodating to what someone else wanted for me but at least I tried to see why God allowed me to lose so many nights of sleep even after I “surrendered”, but I found nothing there for me going to those congregations because I wasn’t allowed “in” really and I need to go back to following what I think God put on my heart.

    Well, I am sure you were trying to be encouraging just like I thought I have been at times but it came out a different way to others. I just don’t think it’s supposed to be this hard. I have found what is a good congregation to me but someone out there is fighting for me to be in MJ when it is not in my heart anymore.

  16. Peace be to all and a good health.
    @Jharris- you are right, even those world major religions or the world as a whole really do not know where and how Yeshua M. have establish his Lone Legal religion of God on earth! But the truth, he have already established his Messianic Kingdom of Priesthood religion, when the alloted set date period on this Plan of God was revealed and its already took its end ever since last 1993. Making it the only true religion of God, for it is still those remaining alive Original Messianic Members will be caught by the clouds at the end time in 1Tes. 4:16-17. So there is no problem with those Original Messianic Believers for they are all preserved by God! But the problem now where those believers that were all only affiliated to those false religions, that they can also avail to this Last Call of God’s Promise Salvation. And there is no big difference in the way Yeshua M. have done in his Messianic Covenant. And in this Parousia Period, the first thing they must do also is to come out from their religion then to submit and to comply by constantly reading the Gospel of Yeshua M. or the NT book (since there is still time the Whole H. Bible is a very good to know about the Whole Plan of God). Now, while in your personal deep studying the scriptures, thou were now also being observe by the Clouds or the H. Spirit that will help to all your need and understanding for your own salvation. So, your personal affiliation only to the Gospel book of Yeshua M. and always entreating for his assistance to your salvation (because there is no other mediator to man and God except Yeshua M.). So, don’t bypass Yeshua M. by calling first to Hashem or other saints. For the teachings of Yeshua M. is already a complete guidelines that will guide us all to our own becoming new creation of God! And if thou have read our or our all letters in this blog (my morning meditations), thou will get more of the many important questionares and other teachings of Yeshua M. which were not taught by those false religion. That’s why we are not recruiting anybody but only giving them an information, so they can also prepare themselves at this our very near end time. So thou could not also affialate to this Messianic Religion of Yeshua M. because of its EXCLUSIVITY or to any other religions that were all false. So, your personal compliance and submitting to the Gospel of Yeshua M. is the primary requirements of your personal affilliation (that it will be our personal religion to God or an Ekklesia of Christ or Call Out by Christ and not of established religions by man ), that can be Caught by the Clouds and can be brought to heaven and to meet the Lord there. So, know more of Yeshua M. Spiritually and not literally!
    May our living lord God Bless us all.

    LOVE : New Jerusalem – Holy City

  17. Thanks for the explanation, Mark. I wasn’t sure before if you were for MJ or not and knew about some other kind of way I could try to find true religion. It makes more sense to me now. For almost two decades I have attended MJ congregations, Sabbath congregations, and I also have heard about Nazarene Jewish congregations, so I was just trying to understand better.

    I guess if that’s the right way I will have to find out better how I can be there and not concentrate so much on what I am not able to do there if God gives me peace about attending one of those congregations (or continuing to attend the one I go to most often).

  18. Mark, I thought more about it and I just don’t believe that a religion that was brought about in the 1900’s can be the only right way, maybe no religion is the exact right way anyway. I am up to someone showing me that MJ was reestablished though if it was.

    Two congregations seemed to have listened to my concerns of leaving people out and one looks like they have made some changes and the other one I have not been to in person since I brought up a concern but they sounded like it was going to be okay for everybody to be included with some things at least. One is MJ and the other is MJ-like. One provides a way to count the Omer during days they don’t meet and I’m not sure if the other one does. So, I have something to start with and I know people don’t always want to do everything.

    So my point is I may attend there but at this point in my life I don’t think one type of congregation can be the only right way.

  19. Peace be to all and a good health.
    J Harris, thou may be have known that after the transition of the Messianic Covenant Plan of God in 1993 which reveals the many wrong teachings made by those religion of the world, that exposed for their being false religion as fore warn by Yeshua M. to AVOID. And besides this fact, its been also revealed in this already prepared Plan made by God for us to follow and obey in this Parousia or the 2nd Advent of Christ, that those still remaining alive Original Messianic members of Yeshua M. religion will also represent to be Caught in the Clouds in the End Time, read 1Tes. 4:16-17.. And NONE of any religions are among them! So, we are not wrong in saying to this Primary Guidelines, for one who would like to avail in this Promise Salvation of God and was also very similar to what Yeshua M. have done in his glory by Calling to “Come out from their graveyard” or religions to his suppose believers in Jn. 5:28-29 (this is a prophesy in within the prophesy message unto the 2nd Advent and was also require to be applied). And we are all already at this event ever since last 1994 but not only known in the whole world of this Plan of God and of the Exclusivity of the Covenanted Plan to all the covenantal Israelites by God unto the End Time. And they were all already accounted for, to prove to all that they could not anymore affiliated to them. And what do you think if thou will affiliate to any of the world religion that have been condemn judged ever since the foundation of the world! See, to just discuss this primary guidelines is a very long story to explain.

    Anyhow, we are very sure that we are not wrong in giving this kind of information to all the people (those leftseeds that were now all crossbreeds with those gentile nationalities and those literal gentiles that love and observe God’s righteousness) that by only coming out to your religion but be personally be affiliated to the NT Gospel book of Yeshua M. only and no to other else! And was this not the same format in the Messianic Covenant Plan that must be also observe and must follow at this our Parousia Period. Now, from this very simple primary guidelines is already very hard to be obey, what more do you think of those heavy crosses of the teaching of Yeshua M. that was impose mandatorily to be also observe by all who like to enter to his Eternal rest at the End Time which we already shared in this blog. Anyhow, the Book of Revelation in chapter 22:10-11 have this Last Advise given to all the people of the world that what ever the people want or like what to do or observe they have the right to choose. Because of the truth that thou could not really help others welfare anymore now for it is very hard to control to discipline even our own self and only Yeshua M. could help us to this our own kind of problem.
    May our living lord God Bless us all.

    LOVE: New Jerusalem – Holy City

    1. Thanks for the info, Mark. So are you also saying Acts 1:6-7 has already happened?

      I question it because I haven’t been able to get very far in MJ with just giving tithe in my area of the world. If people have to pay extra for everything else (or most everything else that happens in hours two through five or however long it lasts) how can that be the only right way? I know they may still be growing and learning too.

  20. Peace be to all and a good health.
    J Harris, being among the prophesies in deep sleep in Christ, thank you that you are now waking up, so that
    they must inspire other, 1Tes. 4:13-15.. And your question on Acts 1:6-7 was already past and fulfilled, when it was reported by A. John in Rev. 14:1-5, regarding the already accounted for 144,000 Sealed Chosen Messianic Kingdom of Priesthood of Israel as the Lone Established Religion of Yeshua M. with an Exclusive given and rewarded knowledge that marked in their forehead of KNOWING his name and his father’s name (Which was not given to all religions of the world). And thou could also use this to confirm the legality of your affiliated religion. By also asking it to them if they also acquire or recieve this complete baptism of the Holy Spirit to their pastor, priest and minister, if “into what name of the father thou have been baptize?” And we are sure they could not answer it, proving of their being a false religion! And the 2nd support to confirm that this was already been fulfilled-if you only notice in Acts 1:7, which Yeshua have given also a hint about the father that has the authority to reveal it. And this New Covenant Plan of God was divided into Two Major Division Covenants Period: The 1st Division Covenant was called the Last Day Covenant or the Days of the Lord Judgment or the Messianic or Christianity with Two Days in God Count Period or 2000 years in our conversion which already took end last 1993. And after this comes the transition of the 2nd Division Covenant which called the Night Covenant or the Hour Judgment of God or the Parousia or the 2nd Advent Period, which we have already told that we are all now in this Parousia Period ever since 1994 to date and nearing to its set date period to the End Time. Now, can not anyone still analyze to understand that almost all of their faith believe knowledge were now all wrong and ackward and not in conformity to God Plan of updating. So, why will not Yeshua M. also still advice those believers today to come out from their religions. And the mandatory order truth of God was very clear that they must believe only to Yeshua M. without any means of mediator to involve, love of your families, jobs, wealth and what more of your religion that only decieving thou!
    May our living lord God Bless us all.

    LOVE : New Jerusalem – Holy City

  21. Thanks for the encouraging message, Mark. You didn’t address my concern about low income (and possibly no income) people not being included (at all or enough) in some MJ places though. Doesn’t that mean a fraction of the spiritual family is being left out every week if those people are told not to attend or are encouraged not to attend because the extra costs (aside from tithe) are too high?

  22. Peace be to all and a good health.
    J Harris, we can not comment to any kind of works of all the religion for it was already comdemn judged by Yeshua M. ever since his ministry. So whatever their activity they are doing is all non sense base on Yeshua’s proclamation in Mt. 7:21-23, Mt. 23: 1-35 and Mt. 25:31-41 for the comdemnation of all the gentile establish religions. So, no need to answer your point because it was all already condemn by Yeshua M., thats why Yeshua M. Have prophesies to come out from their religion whether you were poor or rich, old or young but all you need is to submit and to comply to this Last Call Plan of God of the 2nd Advent Period.
    May our living lord God Bless us all.

    LOVE: New Jerusalem – Holy City

  23. I think I realized I got off topic so no need to answer that last question, Mark.

    Yeah, I think I may need to wake up in some areas but I also think some people are getting taken advantage of in MJ and in other religions because of their money and need to wake up some too. I think we are only supposed to give tithe and some of the other special tithes during Biblical feasts. That extra money they give for classes, trips, and meals can be used for stuff families and/or individuals need.

    It may seem like I am the only one having this problem but I’ve seen people from other congregations I have attended show up at other ones I start attending and disappear pretty soon after, so I am not sure why they disappear but I am sure there are some that get tired of continuing to give money when for some families/individuals tithe is like a car or a house payment already.

    Well, thanks for the wake up call if I needed it.

  24. Sorry I didn’t notice you replied before I sent that last message, Mark.

    I was encouraged by your message and reached out to a congregation leader in MJ and he told me he didn’t feel comfortable for me attending there but wouldn’t tell me why. I only tried to reach out to him for help a handful of times and he gave up me. I reached out to other leaders hundreds of times and even though they couldn’t help me they still encouraged me to attend.

    So I guess if Roseanne can’t be forgiven for what she said and she has a huge group of people that she makes laugh with the good jokes she gives why should a person like me be given any grace anyway?

    Thanks, what you said was really helpful we’re just living during a strange time right now.

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