Israel is NOT an Apartheid State or an “Occupier” : A Beginning

This is a topic that’s been burning a hole in me for a long time. Now, because the whole Black Lives Matter antisemitism is taking off (no one dares question their bigotry for fear of being called “racist” … go figure), hate of Jewish people and Israel has resurfaced with a vengeance. I’ve wanted to do a detailed study of exactly why the allegations against the Jewish people and Israel are false, but a number of different factors have gotten in the way. I saw the image above on twitter. It’s a beginning.

5 thoughts on “Israel is NOT an Apartheid State or an “Occupier” : A Beginning”

  1. Oh, that’s all you’ve got? Well, it’s a good inspiration, though its 2/3 fraction is a bit exaggerated, because the actual Jordanian land area is 78% or four-fifths of the former Ottoman Palestine region. Otherwise the tweet is accurate. If you’d like, I can send you a bit more info, including online references to the documents of the San Remo agreement of 1920 and the 1922 British Mandate for Palestine, that implemented international sanction for Lord Balfour’s vision of a modern re-establishment of the Jewish homeland.

    1. Ever since COVID, all the rioting BS, and oddly enough, my getting the best “day job” I’ve ever had, my research skills have totally gone south. Anything you’ve got that will help me write that is probably the most important post on this blog would be deeply appreciated. I saw a video years ago that explained it, and I really wish I had that link.

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