Evil Christians and their “Sky Daddy”

Meme found on the internet.

I see a lot of memes on social media that not only ridicule the Church as unless but actually say Christians are evil.

I suppose the “useless” part comes in when believers pray to their “sky daddy” rather than “follow the science.” After all, if a Christian were sick, they’d go to the doctor like any atheist and humanist. Of course they would. They would also pray, which I’m sure baffles many folks.

As an aside, faith and science are not mutually exclusive. That’s a pretty blatant myth. Some of the greatest names in science were and are Christians.

I’m not going to attempt to defend the practice of prayer. It would fall on deaf ears. I will however say that the Church isn’t just a self-perpetuating system that isolates itself from reality except on those moments when it can destroy people’s lives by being pro-life.

As another aside, I won’t pretend there aren’t bad people who hide behind the label “Christian,” nor will I say there aren’t greedy Pastors and bloated churches that love money more than God. I abhor them and everything they stand for. But you won’t find the faithful on television or in the news. Faith and doing good are often anonymous.

I take my Mom every Sunday to a local Lutheran church. She’s 90, she suffers from Alzheimer’s, and she needs a walker to get around. I know there are people in the world who are accused of being “ablest,” that is, behave with prejudice against anyone who is disabled or infirm. And yet, in several recent social media encounters, I’ve had the very people who cry “ablest” against others denigrate disabled or unhealthy people just because they didn’t like that person’s politics.

You see “compassion” from that perspective, is selectively applied.

Now you could say the same thing about Christians. After all, we’re human, and in spite of our values or even our God, we make mistakes, we can have bad attitudes, and we can play favorites. Anyone who has attended any church at all knows there are definitely cliques of the “in people.” But it’s worse when we do it because we should know better.

I wouldn’t say that Mom’s church is a hotbed of social justice activism. However, at last Sunday’s service, I discovered two things.

The first is that they have a food drive specifically for children and infants. Working in cooperation with local foodbanks, people attending the church are encouraged to give specific items for the most vulnerable members of our population. Notice that this isn’t directed just at the church. Anybody can use a foodbank. They want to feed children all around us, whether they’re Christian or not. The religion (or lack thereof) and the politics of their parents don’t matter either.

The second thing was that the church has recently partnered with a local taxi cab company. If you want to come to church and you don’t have transportation, just call a particular phone number and arrange a free ride to the service of your choice.

Like I said, Mom doesn’t get around, but either my wife or act as her transportation. Not every disabled or elderly person is so fortunate, and I’m glad Mom’s church recognized this. Yes, I suppose you could say that this service is just for people who go to the church, but I bet if someone wanted to attend for the first time and didn’t have a lift, they could visit the church’s website, see that free rides were available, and make arrangements.

Like I said, this church isn’t curing cancer or single-handedly feeding 100,000 people a day, but they’re doing something.

In the past, they encouraged supporting the foster parents who attend the church. The head pastor and his wife just adopted three girls. No, they’re not newborns. They’re girls who they’ve fostered for a number of years and when parental rights were terminated by the court, they wanted to be the “forever home” for these kids.

Just because you don’t see the scores of Christians who are foster parents being paraded around on CNN or MSNBC, doesn’t mean they don’t exist and aren’t helping children.

I write this to the people whose only perception of “church” is that it molests children, is only “pro-life” until children are born and then couldn’t care less, only exists to destroy the hopes and dreams of pregnant women, and otherwise is just a tax-free haven that doesn’t give back to its local community.

fire and brimstone
Cartoon found at jimsomerville.wordpress.com. Original source unknown

Another thing I discovered, I knew all along. Critics of Christianity imagine that all the sermons, especially toward children is “Do as we say or you’re going to Hell.” Basically, the idea is the the Church controls people through fear, like those old “fire and brimstone” Preachers I detest so much.

The opposite is true. Each and every sermon including the Children’s Message, is entirely uplifting, encouraging, and compassionate. We’ve had a guest Pastor in the past few weeks (the regular guy and his family have a right to take a vacation), and his sermon was on “Fear, Faith, and Anxiety.” This particular Pastor has a mental health counseling background, so he talked about his experienced working with people who were suicidal.

It wasn’t a fluff piece (some sermons can be), but rather a recognition that we can be caught up in the stresses in the world AND that we have a compassionate God who loves us and is with us.

That doesn’t mean bad times don’t happen and bad things don’t happen to Christians. The prayer requests near the end of service attest to the people in the congregation suffering from cancer, COVID, depression, who have been in terrible car accidents, who have lost loved ones. The same things that happen to everyone else.

In the end, being a Christian isn’t about what God can give us (although we do cry out in our fear and sorrow), but what we can do for the world around us in His Name.

Christians are often accused of being bigoted and self-centered, and yet the critics of the Church, many of them anyway, proceed from that very same foundation. After all, they’re just as human as we are.

As you can see, both Christians and non-Christians can get angry or contentious. But in terms of how we see doing actual good in the world, we might be more alike and unalike.

Oh, finally, Choose Life.

4 thoughts on “Evil Christians and their “Sky Daddy””

  1. With all the labels being used these days to pound any opposition into silence, I have found myself growing silent.

    Many of the new words and phrases I would have to research just to understand. I simply don’t care to spend the time. Others I hear made up day by day, and wonder at all the wordplay the Adversary is inspiring.

    There is a text in Daniel 7:25 that states that haSatan shall wear out the saints of the Most High at the time of the end. He’s making some headway with me.

    I’m weary of labels, and find nothing interesting in this current attempt to control speech and perception. It has happened before, and will again, as there is nothing new under the sun. In fact, I find little to interest me in the bubble of information on the web that so many people seem to enjoy living within as they seek to ‘cancel’ all who disagree with them, or who hurt their feelings.

    They are but words that mean next to nothing except to those involved in the daily struggle to batter others on the web and gain supremacy in their little peer group. They live inside their cell phones, and allow social media to do their thinking, and feeling, for them. They become tools for the Elite who want us all to be meek, and silent slaves. They do damage, certainly, if you are playing their game. If you do not offer up ammunition for them to use, what can they do? Label you?

    I lived long without the internet, and find myself ignoring the majority of it and thus not noticing the foolishness going on there. Ablest? Seriously? They needed a word to describe people who sneer at disabilities? Ignorant fools wasn’t enough, or perhaps it wasn’t succinct enough.

    When there is something important to say, I will say it, and stand, but in that day, YHWH Tsava’ot willing, it will be worth hearing, and worth proclaiming to all that attempt to stop me. Until then, I will save my breath.

    1. I’m sure you’re better off without being on the internet and especially social media. Unfortunately, as bad as we believe the world has gotten, it’s getting worse all the time. The meme that inspired this blog post (I saw it on Facebook but couldn’t find it again later) said: “Christians would worship Satan if it accomplished their goals. Oh wait!” The implication was that in Christians being pro-life, they were enacting the ultimate evil and denying women “the Constitutional right to abortion.” From the secular world, it’s probably the worst “sin” the Church could commit. I don’t know if you’ve read them, but I wrote a series of blog posts in the past month or more describing different aspects of the rage that followed the overturning of Roe v. Wade. This includes how abortion has been marketed to be an essential service to women and how it has grown to be a billion dollar industry. It’s tragic really, and when Christians actually do create and run crisis pregnancy centers, they’re accused of doing so only to “trick” women into A) converting to Christianity and B) fool them into having their baby instead of having an abortion. As one of my sons would say sarcastically, “Oh the horror.” It seems as if the secular world and general doesn’t just disagree with the belief of a God of the universe, but they have also been “marketed” into believing that all Christians universally are ignorant and evil. It’s going to get worse before it gets better, but we know that from scripture. I hope you’re doing well. Peace.

  2. I am sorry about being awol. This one I read and a blast from the past-Questor! Always loved your comments. Good to see you are doing well. Thank you, James, for this post!

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