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When They Come For Your Children

California Rep. Wendy Carrillo – found at wendyforassembly.com

I used to use this blog primarily to discuss issues of faith and specifically the intersection between Gentile believers and Messianic Judaism. While I still retain a theology and doctrine based on those beliefs, I’ve distanced myself from any praxis that could be considered “Jewish.” I made this decision due to a seemingly endless bombardment of “Gentiles don’t belong in a Jewish space.” Yeah, but “buy our books and other products anyway.”

However, if you’ve been following my most recent blog posts, you’ll see I’ve been sucked into what is called “the culture wars.” I never wanted to confront these issues but it seems the world has become so crazy, that it’s not only anti-Christian and anti-Jew (I saw plenty of bigotry online against Christians and Jews during Easter and Passover, so much so that I had to block an anti-Semite on Facebook), but anti-family and dangerous to children. How can I ignore that?

This mainly addresses my commentary on how the transgender “industry” hurts kids, but also tangentially includes children’s books and the culture wars, as well as the real reason drag queens pretty much demand children watch their “shows”.

I came across the news item In California, Parents May Soon Effectively Lose Custody of Kids 12 and Older. The source is heavily biased “right,” so I sought to corroborate the data. I did.

California Legislative Information on California Assembly Bill 665 as well as AB 665’s Fast Tracking summary and The Legislative Counsel’s Digest for the bill tells the tale.

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