The Meaning of Purim for the Christian Church

I posted this one last year and I think the message needs to be repeated. Purim definitely has applications to the Christian Church. If only they would listen.

Morning Meditations

Super girlI haven’t thought much about Purim in awhile. It’s not something we observe in our home and I tend to think of Purim as being primarily for children, dressing in costume, playing games, telling jokes, that sort of thing. Back in the day, the congregation I used to attend observed Purim with a children’s play, which often took on some sort of Star Wars or other fantasy theme. But those days are gone, my children are grown, and my grandson isn’t even aware of Purim.

I received an audio CD from First Fruits of Zion (FFOZ) a number of days ago, but I didn’t get a chance to listen to it until I was weeding the backyard over the weekend. It’s interesting trying to pull weeds out of muddy plant beds, listening to D. Thomas Lancaster lecture about Purim to the congregation at Beth Immanuel Sabbath Fellowship, and periodically grab my pen and notebook to…

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4 thoughts on “The Meaning of Purim for the Christian Church”

  1. I enjoyed the Purim Home Companion this morning (only listening, which worked out fine; not sure if there’s a version with visuals, but my device [as it sometimes does] said I needed a different Flash version for anything like that).

    “Osh Kosh” V’gosh

    [ : ) ]

  2. If I’d ever heard it before, I was glad to be reminded (in the “1946” recording) that Esther means hidden or something hidden).

  3. I know this is somewhat off-topic — but it’s also sort of related. I hope you will post it.
    I don’t do Facebook, but this was how they listed their media appearances.

    I’m cautiously optimistic. At first I was — rather than thinking of positive possibilities — worried (while I’m still watchful and wondering how it will turn out). The reason I changed my mind is that this is a NON-profit (but not tax-deductible) endeavor. I’m against for-profit military contractors like Blackwater [going by another name now] and against our official military services hiring private contractors/soldiers. Something like this (like any of them) could, nevertheless, be bad. We will see.

    It’s helpful, I think, that this man who started it is well educated.

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